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Our selection ranges from dried joinery and exotic timber to tongue & groove cladding, kvh construction timber, wooden terrace floor boards with accessories, and other wooden products.

Wood Store

Joinery timber, floorboards 
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Assortment of joinery timber - warehouse Prague Bořanovice

Epoxy Wood Store

Epoxy Wood Store

Roof Trusses

Roof Trusses

Are you a joiner, wood working company or just a fan of wood? Do you need quality dried joinery timber or planed wooden products for your project? You have the right address.

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Timber and cladding sale Prague

Our warehouse WOOD STORE in Bořanovice (Prague – East) is located on Mělnická 109 Street in the industrial zone just outside of Líbeznice town. We offer the following products:

Dried joinery timber

Our main product line is dried joinery timber. The warehouse capacity is around 1100 m² with roughly 600 m³ of timber in stock. Best seller usually is the domestic timber such as oak, ash, beech, spruce, pine, larch, maple and acacia. Other than that we also keep alder, birch, walnut, black walnut, linden, elm and different types of fruit trees such as pear tree, plum tree, apple tree or cherry tree in stock. 

Cheap cladding and floor boards

If you don’t need top quality timber, our lower quality cladding starts at 110 CZK/m² VAT included. Floor boards go from 247 CZK/m² VAT included.

Kvh construction timber, roof battens

It is high quality structural timber often used in modern constructions that is dried to 15 % of wood moisture, planed, and connected. High load bearing properties make KVH a great choice for you wooden construction. It is made in two qualities of Si/NSi (visible, non-visible) to order in a large variety of dimensions. You can find NSi quality KVH timber in our stock as well.
For construction purposes we offer to our customers impregnated roof battens of standard dimensions and construction boards – 24 mm thick.  

Wooden terrace boards, base prisms

Another very popular part of our product line are wooden terrace boards made of European / Siberian larch and exotic timber species such as Bangkirai, Cumaru, Garapa, Ipe Lapacho, Itauba, Jatoba, Massaranduba, Spanish Iroko, Tigerwood, and Burmese Teak
We also offer base prisms (European and Siberian larch, Bangkirai, Keruing) with accessories like stainless steel screws and protective oils.

If you have any questions, call our warehouse directly at  731 025 902, ​OR VISIT US IN PERSON.


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    Sale of dried joinery timber, exotic timber, wooden boards, roof trusses.

    Epoxy Wood Store


    Sale of atypical slabs, boards, and „cookies“. Sales warehouse Bořanovice (Praha - Východ).

    KVH prisms


    Planed and dried construction prisms. Sales warehouse Bořanovice (Praha - Východ).

    Lika ZN, Znojmo


    Quality dried joinery timber and planed wooden products. Warehouse Znojmo – Přímětice.

    Krovy na míru www.krovynamiru.cz

    Construction timber made to order available in various dimensions. Spruce, pine, larch, oak, and acacia.